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About the Spacenoodles� Characters

The Spacenoodles characters come from the Centauri globular star cluster whose scientific name is NGC 5139. This beautiful collection of stars (about 100 light years in diameter) is the largest and brightest cluster in the sky and is about 17,000 light years from planet earth, a light year is 5.88 trillion miles knowing light travels 186,000 miles per second or 7.5 times around the earth in one second, speeds incomprehensible to the human mind.

The Spacenoodles characters live in a region of the cluster where the stars are about 3 to 5 light years apart thus permitting continuous and uninterrupted evolution over a six billion year period of time by skip hopping from a burned out star system to a new one whose life and planets are just beginning.

This rich and productive galactic system has spawned such diverse life forms as chlorophyllic based intelligent plant life not to mention the terrifying laser breathing dragon whose antimater biological structure is based on the element silicone and is primarily fibrous asbestos.

These loveable Spacenoodles characters are considered galactic treasures and are protected by the space age-android inhabitants of planet X, the most scientifically advanced society in the Centauri globular star cluster, some several million years beyond that of planet earth.

Character Description

Silicon Sally is of the genus Rasmainian Gobalygook and comes from a planet orbiting a binary star system in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139, located some 17,000 light years from planet Earth.

Many stars have a binary twin where they orbit one another, sometimes in a figure eight pattern. Our own star, the sun, also had a binary twin which is now the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter remained a planet instead of becoming a star because it did not have enough mass to fire off its thermonuclear fusion reactor which would have converted the element hydrogen into the element helium.

Our star, the sun, converts, in a continuous explosion, some FOUR HUNDRED MILLION TONS of hydrogen into helium EVERY SECOND for EIGHT BILLION YEARS, a totally mind boggling fact.

The weaker binary star in Silicon Sally's home solar system became unstable, exploded, changed the orbital path of her planet and destroyed all carbon based life, leaving a burned out sphere bathed in mortal radiation.

For 250 million years her world remained dormant and devoid of all life. The oceans boiled away and the atmosphere was snuffed out and all protein life on this beautiful blue-green planet was extinguished. There were no more songs filling the air.

Then one day, deep in the underground recesses of this toxic world, a silicon compound of unknown origin began to move on its own. A tell-tale wiggle that life had begun in the vast subterranean, silicon mud flats. This time However, life was based on the ELEMENT SILICON and not carbon as we are here on planet Earth. A whole new organic DNA chemistry was emerging. It took another 2 billion years of randomly selected evolution for Silicon Sally to finally emerge into what we see today.

She, like all of the Spacenoodle characters, can fly up to speeds of 500,000 miles per hour by becoming living magnets by switching magnetic polarity back and forth from positive to negative thus becoming attracted to, or repelled by, the surrounding planetoids who themselves have been rendered magnetically sensitive from exposure to the surrounding magnetic energy field which is all encompassing. Flight navigational control is maintained by following the intricate webbing of magnetic flux lines similar to the Van Allen Radiation Belts surrounding the Earth.

Silicon Sally does not have ocular vision as we do, but sees in infrared. Her large eyes are photo electric cells, capable of converting starlight into approximately six volts of electricity which is sufficient energy to run her body. She can open her large mouth to form a radar dish when sending and receiving transmitted signals (same as a bat does here on Earth) to echo-locate objects. She can also see things the size of a soccer ball from one thousand miles away.

In addition to the above six volts of electricity that runs her body, she has evolved a system which feeds directly off the neutrino energy stream coming from the many stars in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, a system located some 17,000 light years from planet Earth.

Neutrinos, made by solar nuclear physics, pass through all matter including moons, planetoids, and stars. On rare occasions, however, neutrinos will produce the element argon when passing through chlorine atoms. Silicon Sally's original home space, about three cubic light years, contains a small chlorine nebula permitting her to evolve a physiology that requires argon, although it is not known how this element is used in her life cycle.

She also communicates with her radar dish mouth using the surrounding magnetic energy field to carry the transmitted signals. Her language is similar to the earthly whales and dolphins who use the sonic properties of water to carry their language of squeaks and whistles.

Because her sun was dying a premature death, Silicon Sally and her people evolved a life style which places them in a free floating orbit around this beautiful star cluster which has a circumference of about 314 light years. Due to millions of years of "Sling Shot/Crack The Whip" gravitational accelerations induced from the nearby multiple solar systems, their orbital velocity around the Centauri Globular Star Cluster is approximately 20% the speed of light which is about 37,200 miles per second. An astonishing velocity for living things.

Because of this high speed, she and her people now find themselves experiencing the Einsteinian spatial time disparagement where one of her days is equal to several months for those Spacenoodles people still living on the surface of their respective planets.


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