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About the Spacenoodles� Characters

The Spacenoodles characters come from the Centauri globular star cluster whose scientific name is NGC 5139. This beautiful collection of stars (about 100 light years in diameter) is the largest and brightest cluster in the sky and is about 17,000 light years from planet earth, a light year is 5.88 trillion miles knowing light travels 186,000 miles per second or 7.5 times around the earth in one second, speeds incomprehensible to the human mind.

The Spacenoodles characters live in a region of the cluster where the stars are about 3 to 5 light years apart thus permitting continuous and uninterrupted evolution over a six billion year period of time by skip hopping from a burned out star system to a new one whose life and planets are just beginning.

This rich and productive galactic system has spawned such diverse life forms as chlorophyllic based intelligent plant life not to mention the terrifying laser breathing dragon whose antimater biological structure is based on the element silicone and is primarily fibrous asbestos.

These loveable Spacenoodles characters are considered galactic treasures and are protected by the space age-android inhabitants of planet X, the most scientifically advanced society in the Centauri globular star cluster, some several million years beyond that of planet earth.

Character Description

Little Green People, who are intelligent plant life are made of chlorophyll, and live in orbit about the Centauri globular star cluster located 17,000 light years from earth.

It takes about two billion pieces of genetic information to describe one little green person; hence, using mathematical probability theory, a little green person is duplicated about every two billion births thus forming an interstellar communications network between themselves and their genetic likeness. Because they are genetic duplicates and nearly identical, their telepathic messages (which are transmitted by the surrounding magnetic energy field) emanate on the same radio frequency, thus establishing the above communication network. Since their telepathic language is structured similarly to that of whales and dolphins on our earth, we may learn how to send them intelligent greetings using a transmitter, like the giant radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, they live on planets orbiting the center of our Milky Way galaxy; hence the round trip of the transmitted signal (from us to them and back) would take 34,000 years, since the distance from earth to their galactic orbit ring is about 17,000 light years away. (A light year is the distance light will travel in one year, knowing it always travels exactly 186,000 miles per second or approximately 7 1/2 times around the earth in one second,) i.e., a New York to Tokyo phone call, which seems to be instantaneous, actually takes one-twentieth of a second because of the speed of light rule.


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