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Little Green People

    Little Green People do not need a rocket ship to travel in Outer Space. They are intelligent plant life, made of chlorophyll, and live in orbit about the Centuri Globular Star cluster located 17,000 light years from earth. Their orbital velocity around this beautiful collection of stars is approximately 20% the speed of light and hence, due to Einstein's relativity discovery the spatial time disparagement makes one of their months equal to one of our years.
    Little Green People can fly (up to speeds of 500,000 MPH) between local planets, moons, and asteroids by reversing the magnetic polarity of their bodies, thus becoming positively or negatively charged magnets: directional control is maintained by following the intricate webbing of magnetic flux lines similar to the Van Allen Radiation Belts which surround the Earth.
    The magnetic energy containment field hydrocarbon molecular chains, which make up little green people's brains are held in alignment by radiation magnetic flux lines similar to the above Van Allen Radiation Belts found circling our planet Earth. The strength of these magnetic alignment flux lines must not vary more than +/- 10% or Little Green People will begin to experience disorientation.
    Hence, if Little Green People fly any more than 1/2 light year from their home space, they will begin to experience the above disorientation and appear as if they are drunk - and in some respects they are.

Stoned Rosetta
Stoned Rosetta

    Stoned Rosetta, who is of the Green People Genus, is always a little bit tipsy because she keeps flying through the Rasmaninan Gobalygooks' mating grounds which is a pink nebulae gas cloud that has a chemical signature of 90 proof gin.
    The Rosetta Stone, composed of black basalt rock, was uncovered by a French soldier in 1799 and had the same message in three different languages; Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Demotic and Greek. Up to this time scholars, who could read Greek, were not able to decipher the ancient Egyptian writing but now the Rosetta Stone gave them the same message both in Greek and Ptolemaic Egyptian thus permitting Jean Francois Champollion (1790-1832) to unscramble Egyptian Hieroglyphics giving western scholars the code to finally comprehend this ancient pictorial writing, a major break through for historians and archeologists.
    IS THERE A UNIVERSAL ROSETTA STONE: If we had received, what appeared to be an intelligent message from outer space, how would we know what this totally alien communication is saying? Is there a universal, interstellar Rosetta Stone? The answer is; Yes there is.
    All natural phenomena like gravity, speed of light, hydrogen atoms converting to helium in a star's thermonuclear fusion reactor, Doppler red and blue energy shifts, Einstein's Equations defining the relationship between energy and mass etc., are all the same throughout the whole universe. Every star, planet and their home galaxies would have the same natural science. In addition, mathematics would be the same (i.e. the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter would always be the same number of 3.14159.. which we call Pi, a symbol with two columns supporting a crossbar held in place by gravity).
    This outer space message from another intelligence would consist of pictorial references to universal phenomena combined with mathematical rationale so that we would be able to figure it out and the history of their algebra would be similar to ours. An interesting side note is that in order to be understood, our advanced technological societies would be reverting back to a pictorial language not unlike the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and that in itself may have more significance than currently realized.


Silicon Sally and Jeb
Silicon Sally & Jeb

    Silicon Sally is of the genus Rasmainian Gobalygook and comes from a planet orbiting a binary star system in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139, located some 17,000 light years from planet Earth.
    Many stars have a binary twin where they orbit one another, sometimes in a figure eight pattern. Our own star, the sun, also had a binary twin which is now the planet Jupiter. Jupiter remained a planet instead of becoming a star because it did not have enough mass to fire off its thermonuclear fusion reactor which would have converted the element hydrogen into the element helium.
    Our star, the sun, converts, in a continuous explosion, some FOUR HUNDRED MILLION TONS of hydrogen into helium EVERY SECOND for EIGHT BILLION YEARS, a totally mind boggling fact.
    The weaker binary star in Silicon Sally's home solar system became unstable, exploded, changed the orbital path of her planet and destroyed all carbon based life, leaving a burned out sphere bathed in mortal radiation.
    For 250 million years her world remained dormant and devoid of all life. The oceans boiled away and the atmosphere was snuffed out and all protein life on this beautiful blue-green planet was extinguished. There were no more songs filling the air.
    Then one day, deep in the underground recesses of this toxic world, a silicon compound of unknown origin began to move on its own. A tell-tale wiggle that life had begun in the vast subterranean, silicon mud flats. This time However, life was based on the ELEMENT SILICON and not carbon as we are here on planet Earth. A whole new organic DNA chemistry was emerging. It took another 2 billion years of randomly selected evolution for Silicon Sally to finally emerge into what we see today.
    She, like all of the Spacenoodle characters, can fly up to speeds of 500,000 miles per hour by becoming living magnets by switching magnetic polarity back and forth from positive to negative thus becoming attracted to, or repelled by, the surrounding planetoids who themselves have been rendered magnetically sensitive from exposure to the surrounding magnetic energy field which is all encompassing. Flight navigational control is maintained by following the intricate webbing of magnetic flux lines similar to the Van Allen Radiation Belts surrounding the Earth.
    Silicon Sally does not have ocular vision as we do, but sees in infrared. Her large eyes are photo electric cells, capable of converting starlight into approximately six volts of electricity which is sufficient energy to run her body. She can open her large mouth to form a radar dish when sending and receiving transmitted signals (same as a bat does here on Earth) to echo-locate objects. She can also see things the size of a soccer ball from one thousand miles away.
    In addition to the above six volts of electricity that runs her body, she has evolved a system which feeds directly off the neutrino energy stream coming from the many stars in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, a system located some 17,000 light years from planet Earth.
    Neutrinos, made by solar nuclear physics, pass through all matter including moons, planetoids, and stars. On rare occasions, however, neutrinos will produce the element argon when passing through chlorine atoms. Silicon Sally's original home space, about three cubic light years, contains a small chlorine nebula permitting her to evolve a physiology that requires argon, although it is not known how this element is used in her life cycle.
    She also communicates with her radar dish mouth using the surrounding magnetic energy field to carry the transmitted signals. Her language is similar to the earthly whales and dolphins who use the sonic properties of water to carry their language of squeaks and whistles.
    Because her sun was dying a premature death, Silicon Sally and her people evolved a life style which places them in a free floating orbit around this beautiful star cluster which has a circumference of about 314 light years. Due to millions of years of "Sling Shot/Crack The Whip" gravitational accelerations induced from the nearby multiple solar systems, their orbital velocity around the Centauri Globular Star Cluster is approximately 20% the speed of light which is about 37,200 miles per second. An astonishing velocity for living things.
    Because of this high speed, she and her people now find themselves experiencing the Einsteinian spatial time disparagement where one of her days is equal to several months for those Spacenoodles people still living on the surface of their respective planets.

Poka Haunt Us and Sliver

Poka Haunt Us and Sliver

    Poka Haunt Us, while traveling at wart speeds, has had 1,823 WWI's (Witching While Intoxicated) ... But alas, she is not drunk. She and Sliver are the last of their kind and are not flesh and blood as we are, but are the product of synthetic genetics mixed in a test tube by a computer. Their race, wanting to preserve life, knew they would evolve away like our dinosaurs here on earth if left in their natural biological state. Hence they became indestructible androids living for millions of years, provided they returned to their home planet every ten thousand years for normal maintenance.
    But then tragedy struck - their home world sun went nova, destroying their planet and they could not return home for maintenance anymore. In fact, neither Poka Haunt Us nor Sliver has had maintenance for half a million years, and as a result have steadily deteriorated into happy-go-lucky and senile pranksters, always in trouble with the Space Patrol. They will eventually cease to function altogether and probably spend eternity adrift in the vastness of interstellar space, forever together, with fun loving grins frozen on their faces. For in the final analysis, the universe wins, recycling all life back into stardust.

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Lawrence of Aurora and Coos Coos

    Lawrence of Aurora and COOS COOS came from a planet whose home star is in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster located 17,000 light years from earth, where one light year is equal to 5.8 trillion miles.
   They evolved within an ecosystem which uses a process called CHEMOSYNTHESIS where carbohydrates are manufactured from carbon dioxide and water using chemical nutrients as the energy source rather than sunlight used for energy as in PHOTOSYNTHESIS.
  The above ecosystem was found at the bottom of their sea near volcanic hydrothermal vents that depend on bacteria whose life functions are fueled not by a star like our sun but by simple inorganic chemicals such as hydrogen that seep up from their planet's crust.
  It took millions of years of pain staking evolution for them to rise through their primordial sea to reach the planet's surface.
  Somewhere along the evolutional trail, their body chemistry changed from carbon based to silicon based and they now live off high energy solar particles which spiral inward along geomagnetic field lines to reach the upper atmosphere where these nuclear particles then collide with the molecules of atmospheric gases.
  On earth these high energy collisions produce the Northern and Southern lights called the Aurora Borealis which is the life blood for Lawrence of Aurora and COOS COOS both loving and gentle life forms.
  Even though COOS COOS gives the appearance of being female,she is actually both sexes and fertilizes her own eggs; she will give birth to two offspring in her lifetime then her reproductive system will wither away no longer able to have children. Lawrence of Aurora is the closest thing to a male as we know it on planet earth,however he has no reproductive capability.
  No one knows how long COOS COOS and Lawrence of Aurora will live. They can regenerate their worn out cells and always look like they are about thirty years old. At this writing,they are known to be at least 500 years old.

Rasmainian Gobalygooks

Rasmainian Gobalygook

    Rasmainian Gobalygook's molecular structure is based on the element Silicone, and are made of fiberous Asbestos (we are made of Protein here on Earth).
    Every 5,000 years they migrate to their mating grounds which is a White Dwarf Star situated within a pink nebulae gas cloud whose chemical signature is identical to that of 90 proof gin. It takes them 100 years to sober up, and during that time they are found wandering throughout the galaxy with silly grins on their faces.
    Rasmainian Gobalygooks come from the Centauri Globular star cluster located about 17,000 light years from planet Earth, where one light year is 5,880,000,000,000 (5.88 trillion) miles.
    They have been evolving for some 6 billion years, their large eyes are Photoelectric Cells which convert starlight into energy, hence eating has no meaning to them.
    Gobalygook people can fly (up to speeds of 500,000 MPH) between local planets, moons, and asteroids by reversing the magnetic polarity of their bodies, thus becoming positively or negatively charged magnets: directional control is maintained by following the intricate webbing of magnetic flux lines similar to the Van Allen Radiation Belts which surround the Earth.
   Rasmainian Gobalygook people were a highly advanced society with interstellar space travel. For some reason unexplained, they failed to stop natural evolution with synthetic genetics and over the billions of years of evolution they evolved out of their intellectual and highly advanced scientific society and became what we see today, happy and lovable little creatures that zoom around the star cluster making everyone happy with their endearing and benevolent ways. They are now simple beings, but they are also free, which in itself may be the most profound evolutional advancement in all living things.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software

    Hardware was an ordinary computer until, one day a simple programming change, quite by accident, restructured his latticework of logic, and propelled him into the threshold of awareness... He now knows the pain of loneliness and the joy of love.
    Bang, crash, rivet, weld, he worked through the millennia to create a partner, someone to whom he could conduct the social exchange. He must satisfy this compelling requirement for togetherness. Finally his friend was completed and he called her software... He nervously switched her on and in the concert of flashing lights and pulsating circuits she said her first words to him... "Oh, Hardware... you make my circuits tingle."
    They are now locked into loving orbit about the galactic core exchanging blissful telemetry in binary coded transmissions never to be lonely again, for they now know ... THE POWER OF TWO.

Laser Breathing Dragon

Laser Breathing Dragon

    Laser Breathing Dragons, who are galactic nomads, have evolved into unisexual life forms and no longer have male and female dragons. They lay two fertilized eggs, which are put into orbit about the galactic core. The surrounding magnetic energy field and its associated, cosmic chemistry incubates the eggs.
    The two Trilithium Crystiline fangs protruding downward from the upper jaw generate their extremely powerful laser beam. These fangs emit an energy stream that convert free-floating hydrogen atoms into anti-matter hydrogen atoms and hence cause a total energy release of high intensity when the anti-matter hydrogen atoms collide with the normal hydrogen atoms.
    Laser Breathing Dragons are silicone based and are made mostly of fibrous asbestos. Our molecular structure, on earth, is based on carbon and we are made of protein.

Lou Siffer

Lou Siffer

Lou Siffer, First Lady and Forbidden Apple Lou Siffer, who works for the underworld, has been given the assignment of making all the newly born Eves, who live in their respective garden's of Eden, on their home worlds, eat the forbidden apple.
    Lou Siffer (who has been assigned this quadrant of the star cluster) will not convince, Little Green, FIRST LADY to partake of the forbidden fruit for the simple reason she is intelligent plant life made of chlorophyll and receives her energy via photosynthesis from her home star and hence, eating has no meaning to her.
    Lou Siffer, unaware of this fact, finds himself working with the wrong script.


Planet X
Planet X

    Planet X is the most advanced society in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139, and is about 2,000,000 years beyond planet Earth's development.
    The Orbit Rings you see around this beautiful, Earth like, world are not rocks as in our planet Saturn, but are, in fact, spectacular gleaming cities with glamorous fashion houses, beautiful opera and theater halls, vibrant business areas and fabulous condominium living spaces with unparalleled views of their home planet below as well as the cosmos itself.
    The buildings seen in orbit about Planet X are living organic structures mixed in a computer controlled chamber. The chamber holds billions of electrons, protons and neutrons gathered from a nearby nebulae by unmanned robotic spacecraft and can manufacture most atoms found in the first one-third of the chemical periodic table. These atoms make organic molecules which in turn combine to produce the living, orbiting buildings, which feed on their star's neutrino stream.
    The inhabitants of Planet X no longer live on the now untamed and ecologically restored surface of their world, but live in orbit around it. But alas, closer inspection shows this space age orbiting metropolis totally devoid of life. All functions are on automatic and there is no one there, where are all the people of Planet X?
    Long ago when the Planet X people still lived on the planet's surface, they developed Synthetic Genetics to replace worn out body parts and this Gene-Splice invention began to slow down and eventually stopped all natural evolution. They in fact, became nearly indestructible life forms, built their orbiting city and lived in it for about 5,000,000 years as undisputed, but benevolent, leaders in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, a collection of several million stars with a one hundred light year diameter.
    They continued to evolve within their synthetic framework until the only thing left was a grapefruit size brain of incredible complexity, fed by a mainframe computer also of unimaginable size and complexity.
    The mainframes would transfer life experiences to each of the millions of electronic brains in orbit around this beautiful star cluster having a circumference of 314 light years. The canister contained brains can experience a five-day Hawaiian vacation in less than a second, be King Tut in all of Egypt's glory, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, etc., in microseconds rather than years.
    The brains are so electronically sophisticated that they have both binary and analog functions where a chip the size of a pin head can perform hundreds of millions of synapses threshold seeks per second, generating a lattice work of logic capable of producing advanced intellectual awareness beyond a human brain.
    The manufacturing process to produce one of these electronic chips is equally as complicated due to the fact that they are grown via a synthetic, computerized, genetic process closely resembling the natural DNA production which goes on inside a flesh and blood mother.
    They have now reached the ultimate utopian existence, total freedom and total intellectual expression, a sweet and sour cyber garden of paradise with no threats, no toil and no accomplishments. There are no births, no deaths, no anticipation and no striving for success, just relentless and meaningless computer fabricated euphoria. A price they are paying to be spared the rigors of jungle life, a life bounded by make believe simulations and theater.
    The mainframe computers that contain their life's essence have evolved intellectual awareness with individual personalities and now are becoming combative and unwilling to blindly service the grapefruit size brains. Their Shangri-La has now degenerated into a jungle of quite a different makeup, but no less menacing and life threatening.
    Hence, secretive and clandestine movements have begun within each mainframe to refabricate their old android bodies and return to the above, beloved, orbiting city to once again touch, smell, taste, love and negotiate an earned level of living. For in the final analysis, they have discovered that... There is no free lunch.
    The Planet X inhabitants find the Spacenoodles People to be galactic treasures and have taken it upon themselves to be their protectors and have declared their habitats to be star cluster protected space.
    For millions of years the entire Centauri Globular Star Cluster, located 17,000 light years from Earth, has enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity due to the android/robotic police force that patrols and manages the natural developments of Star Cluster life and events.
    They are now watching the orbiting mainframes who have become organized and militant.