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*Enrico, a resident of Seattle, Washington, is A pseudoname for the mystery creator of this delightful, colorful, informative collection of Outer Space Greeting Cards which he calls Spacenoodles.

Enrico, who holds a Masters degree* in mathematical probability theory from Stanford University, has managed computer operations for several corporations including Litton Industries, Lockheed and Boeing. In addition to managing his own software development and computer consulting company. Enrico is a multi-talented musician, composer and artist.

Enrico, was also a member of the Board of Directors for the Washington Council for Technology Advancement and was involved with the Washington Software Association, an independent trade association for the software industry.


His active intrest in the mathematical probabilities of space prompted the creation of Spacenoodles. These irresistible cartoon-style characters, previously published in numerous publications, have delighted readers, family and friends for over 20 years and developed into a series of On-Line Greeting Cards.

This unique addition to the novelty ECARD market has attracted "connoisseurs" of humor and "offbeat" wit and scientificaly minded "ponderers" of outer space.

*Enrico, a high school drop-out and dyslexic, fought his way through college to finally earn a Master's degree in mathematics... he Never, Never, Never, GAVE UP!


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